Quantifying technology trends and buzz to predict where innovation is headed

Change your approach to innovation with REX to:

Identify original, high-caliber technology
Instantly access comprehensive market maps of IP
Pinpoint technology trends and industry leaders
Instantly access the value of IP using REX predictive models

Information > Data

Instantly access the most promising research with context and clarity in a noisy and crowded technology marketplace.

Lana Virtual Research Assistant

Lana brings cognitive search and knowledge discovery to the world of IP.
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  • Discover answers efficiently and effectively using logic-based technology discovery.
  • Track emerging technology trends and connect with real commercial opportunities from global leaders in research and innovation.
  • Generate and export reports in as few as 60 seconds versus the hundreds of hours it would take to create each report manually.

Lana can answer questions like: where is an organization investing in new research and technology?” or “where is there momentum in a given technology industry?”

No one else has made this information not only accessible on-demand but also contextual to your interests like REX can for you.

“Firms that sought growth by entering small, emerging markets logged twenty times the revenues of the firms pursuing growth in larger markets”The Innovator’s Dilemma

REX Market Analytics

REX Market Analytics is powered by a cloud-based search and content discovery engine.

On demand, full text, real time search

The REX search engine is built on a vast collection of documents, a semantic framework of the world’s largest IP content repository that is continuously updated, allowing us to extract information from structured AND unstructured content.

Search with large blocks of text, patents, keywords, magazine articles, URLs or even upload PDF files to get useful answers to complex questions.

Artificial intelligence clustering and visual navigation

Graphical visualizations and dashboards help you quickly identify industry and topical relevance to pinpoint your next market.

Machine learning algorithms return proprietary data trends and patterns that are otherwise hidden in the context of other information.

Patterns and trends in grant funding, patent filings, scientific journal publications, tech news, and funding news indicate the trajectory of a given technology at any given time.

“It is precisely when emerging markets are small—when they are least attractive to large companies in search of big chunks of new revenue—that entry into them is so critical”.  Innovator’s Dilemma