Cognitive Search


Garbage in, garbage out.

Traditional enterprise search relies on a user to know exactly what they’re looking for and a precise selection of keyword filters.  This can be particularly challenging for non-subject matter experts seeking answers within highly technical topics.

Keyword and filter-based enterprise search is dead.

Innovation intelligence requires insight driven strategies.

Information surrounding academic research and nascent technologies is difficult to reliably access due to siloed and unstructured data, and legacy infrastructure.  Research and IP out of federal labs and Universities is a headache to locate, and difficult-to-use patent databases offer an incomplete view of the technology market.

Why use old technology to locate the most innovative new technologies?

REX Cognitive search technology illuminates emerging innovation with a 360 degree view of research and IP.  


Using machine learning based algorithms, we enhance human inputs and big data to extract information that is infinitely more powerful.  


Gather > Discover> Illuminate 

  • Gather: First, we index data, both structured and unstructured, to build a massive IP
  • content repository. Our powerful indexing technology plus natural
    language processing enables us to extract knowledge and information real-time.
  • Discover: Next, we engage with the user in a natural way to discover useful information—using natural language processing and logic-based interactions.  Triggers prompt contact with the user to refine their context and self-learning algorithms continuously make more connections with disparate data to improve and enhance relevance over time.
  • Illuminate: Finally, we return and translate knowledge and recommendations specific to each user in a format that is intuitive and actionable. Our visualizations allow users to explore broad research and IP trends, but also isolate relevant opportunities and contacts for next steps.